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Boldly Pushing The Blockchain
To Virtual Reality And Beyond

The World's First Crypto Based Virtual / Augmented Reality Marketplace & Hub

VR Mass Adoption

VR has a problem with mass adoption. There is not enough quality content that keeps people coming back. With our background in VR/AR productions and the music industry, we are creating an opportunity for mainstream artists to reach millions of fans, with no-one in between the artists and their fans, thanks to the decentralized VIBE cryptocurrency and our HoloPortation ready VR platform.

VIBEHub is the world's first crypto based virtual & augmented reality marketplace and hub. While we are making concerts into the first killer-app for VR, we are also adding education streams, social experiences, gaming, and virtual dating. All decentralized on the platform designed for up to 1 billion users.

We are building out our state of the art AR Production facility. Once complete, we will be able to capture performances and place them in our own custom virtual environments, creating an even more elaborate production. Combined with an immersive social experience as well, that has never been seen before. We can't wait to make that phase of the project happen, as it is revolutionary on or off the blockchain...

The photo realistic performances by actual major recording artist, comedians, public figures...will not only be revolutionary, but will draw many mainstream non crypto people in as well...Eventually when the cameras that we use to capture these performances become cheaper and more portable (consumer friendly), users will be able to stream or create on demand content in this format, and monetize on it with the VIBE currency.

All of this content will be compatible with future AR & VR devices as well...Which we believe both will have their place...There are situations where full immersion is preferred and situations where awareness of your surroundings is preferred...We plan on being in a pivotal position, possessing tons of quality content with an existing brand, to meet the future mass adoption of these technologies...

Discover what all the VIBE is about!

Internal Oculus Beta Channel (HTC VIVE/PSVR Coming soon)

Beta web browser based platform with all the social functionality linked to the VR platform

All Preview Videos of the Beta VIBEHub VR platform, including actual in app footage

The latest video previewing volumetric video on the VIBEHub VR platform:

The Virtual / Augmented Reality Platform

John Lennon once wrote a song called “Imagine”. Mr. Lennon spoke of a future where the impossible would become plausible. Now imagine looking out of the window on a space station in a virtual world, where you have the ability to seamlessly travel to other virtual hubs and marketplaces for creative collaborations, attend live concerts, get boxing lessons or even setup a virtual date.

Imagine being able to interact with someone on the other side of the world in virtual reality, over a cup of tea accompanied by live music at the same time. Essentially giving you the feeling of being in the same place, in a completely immersive environment of your choice. Envision being able to engage in safe and secure micro transactions seamlessly, with anyone in the same virtual space. Imagine the possibilities of simple secure transactions for entertainment experiences, digital assets and services, all on the same platform.

Vibehub is at the forefront of this technology and is already building the platforms for the coming virtual universe. Every major sector of industry, especially technology companies, are heavily invested in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) platforms. Virtual and Augmented reality based applications are the next big computing wave, and we believe the only way to build substantial growth and longevity is to usher blockchain technology into this mixed reality space. We believe that in order to build sustainable value for our platform, we need to embrace the inevitable migration to AR and VR technology.

Vibehub is a Virtual space that allows access to various market hubs by creating a meta-virtual world of our own. The allowance of micro transactions with our VIBE currency will usher in a new paradigm of social interactions as well as safe transactions in a virtual space, which has never been done before. Virtual reality will create social experiences, more personal than a live chat or a phone call, providing a more immersive experience with someone on the other side of the globe, all on our platform. Imagine the captivating prospect of two people dating on our platform, sharing virtual experiences from various hubs in a completely immersive AR/VR environment.

The augmented reality and the virtual reality markets are projected to be worth up to an estimated 162 billion dollars by 2020. Mobile (AR) could be worth as much as much as 83 billion alone, though this technology will take longer to develop than (VR).

In addition to the browser based version of our platform, we are making the VIBEHub platform available on Virtual and Mixed Reality devices as well. We believe that through this multi platform support we will be able to future proof our applications and currency.

"New estimates from IDC expect total revenue for VR and AR to grow from $5.2 billion in 2016 to more than $162 billion in 2020."
Source: BusinessInsider.com Original Article

Trusted Blockchain Technology

A Global Cryptocurrency based on Ethereum (ERC20 Compliant), used for micro transactions on all of the current and upcoming marketplaces, and hubs on the VIBEHub platform.

An Alternate Reality

Providing artists and educators the platform to reach millions of viewers, in one stream in VR.

Monetizing In A Virtual World

Using volumetric video and other virtual assets to monetize content in VR and AR technology for the first time.

Giving You A Voice
Amongst The Masses

Exposure in unique marketplaces and hubs, don't compete with hundreds of other unrelated tags and topics.

One Stop Shop

From Music to Education, Gaming, and Dating marketplaces...Just to name a few...All from one platform with one currency.

Paying Publishers

You keep all proceeds from transactions in the hub and in the marketplace. We believe you deserve it. It's your work after all.

Safe and Secure

Our software is constantly monitored and tested to provide a safe and secure experience.

No Fees.
No Middle Man

We do not charge any fees when performing micro-transactions or executing contracts.

More Immersive
Social Experience

Express your creativity in a virtual world and share the experiences with other users around the world.

Technology Behind VIBEHub

VIBEHub transactions will run on the Ethereum blockchain. The web platform will be compatible with Metamask and Myst browser, making it easier to bridge non-crypto users to our platform for the first time. Our front end is hosted on AWS CloudFront in multi geo locations, which scales automatically to handle any load of users. The backend consists of NodeJs micro services that run in server less environments i.e. Containers, Lambda Functions (LAAS). For the VR/AR Development we are using Unity Engine, SteamVR SDK, Oculus SDK, Microsoft HoloLens SDK, and Sony PSVR SDK.

Using this combination of technologies, will allow us to develop a cross platform product that will work on existing AR/VR hardware and future hardware as well. The voice chat, and body tracking of avatars in virtual spaces, will use P2P technologies that allow massive user scaling while keeping costs down. We take pride in our innovation of integrating our Vibe Coin crypto wallet in the virtual space; As it has never been done before. Future plans for AR will also include the use of special multi sensor stereographic cameras, to achieve what we like to call “HoloPresence”.

This Technology has been demonstrated by the Microsoft research team in the “HoloPortation” project. Integrating this technology into our platform, will create a unique experience unseen on the blockchain or off the blockchain, for that matter. Additional operational costs such as data storage and hosting will be handled by the original backers of VIBEHub. Remaining a fee less platform is very important to our integrity.

Our Vision of the Future

We believe that the next step for decentralized apps is to embrace the upcoming technology of Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality. Here is a preview of what we envision for the type of Augmented Reality collaborations and interactions we will make possible on this platform in 2018. We envision using this technology for studio sessions, concerts, seminars, meet and greets, etc...

Our Road Map

The journey ahead...

The people that make it all possible...

VIBEHub Team

Alessio Mack

Co-Founder, Futurist & Tech Guru

LinkedIn Profile

Matthew Myers

Co-Founder, Crypto Expert & Musician

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Fred Bender

VR / AR Reality Senior Developer & Tech Enthusiast


Advisor & Co-Founder of LIVETOURLAB

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Advisor & Co-Founder of LIVETOURLAB

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Advisor & Regional VP for Ericsson

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Freelancer Profile

Renee Isaac

Quality Assurance Lead

Sean Lundrigan

Cryptomarket Analyst and Developer

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